Hairpik: The Hype

…you have imagined.”-henry david thoreau

there is something so undeniably satisfying in seeing a dream through to reality!  back in february, i lost my dear grandmother at the wise old age of 92.  among some of her possessions which i was honored to receive, were two chairs which i can distinctly remember being used by my grandparents.  my grandfather’s chair was swathed in plastic slipcovers, a throwback to the 40’s and 50’s.  the result was pristine upholstery ready for entertaining or, as in the case of my grandfather, long hours of reading.  gran’s chair didn’t fare so well and was in need of some tlc.

well, it took a lot of back and forth with spoonflower, multiple strike offs and adapting to new color profiles mid stream but thanks to their great customer service, the result was perfect yardage!  now that i had the fabric, i really needed a…

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