Dunbar + Daughter : The Bee Keep

Hairpik: The Hype


Nothing says summer like home brewed beer and my father and I have been as busy as bees so to speak. When I was in London, I sampled a tasty honey beer and wondered if we could do as good a job on our own hence The Bee Keep was born. Since beekeeping is becoming more popular in urban spaces, my desire was to get a pound of honey from a local beekeeper to use in the brewing process. Little did I realize it takes a lot of bees to make a pound of honey so I may have to save it up bit by bit until I have enough. Until then, I’ll have to continue to get my honey from Trader Joe’s which apparently, still contains the clover pollen making it authentic not blended. The resulting flavor is deliciously malty, lightly hoppy and as usual, highly alcoholic at 11%…

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