Hanazuki AW 2017

•Cover-01I was hired to work on developing trend, graphics, print and product for new Hasbro brand, Hanazuki. Based on a game, Hanazuki’s world revolves around mood (which we know for tweens can fluctuate quite quickly) and celebrates all aspects of self expression!

Hanazuki is a spirited moonflower who, with the help of Little Dreamer and the Hemkas, uses her powers to grow a magical treasure garden and bring beauty & harmony to her small world. Over time she discovers that she holds the key to protecting the greater universe from the evil dark forces that threaten to take this away. In this dynamic, persistent fantasy world, moods are brought to life and represented by color.

•Pg8Trend-01•Pg9PaletteFonts-01•Pg7Icons-01•Pg10Graphics-01•Pg11Graphics-01•Pg12Graphics-01•Pg13Graphics-01•Pg14SubBadges-01•Pg15Prints-01All prints minus the four on the right, created by me.•Pg16Product-01•Pg17Product-01
All work done by Janene Dunbar and may not be re-posted without my permission. ©Hasbro all rights reserved.

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