Welcome to Los Angeles!


Welcome to Los Angeles is my visual love letter to LA. Growing up a native, I thought of nothing but escaping yet every time I come back from traveling, I appreciate it more and more.

When I was very young, every church lady I knew had a souvenir scarf. On warm days this scarf would be brought out to dab the damp away or in worse circumstances, doused with a little cologne to revive an impassioned parishioner. These scarves were my escape hatch! I could stare at it during those looooooong church services and imagine myself in some exotic locale meeting the people in the scarves.

This fascination, coupled with bright color and naive style, is at the heart of my work. You can find the items below (plus others) by clicking the images or click here. Cheers!


There is simply no way I could create this without adding a border of freeways! Traffic is truly horrendous here in LA and there is no such thing as a spontaneous drive.









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