Janene Dunbar Portfolio



I am a Los Angeles based designer who harbors a DEEP love of color and textiles! I’ve worked in consumer products for over ten years with a strong slant on licensed product. Lately I have been moving into generic fashion home goods and have taken the love of surface design into creating my own line of product which can be found at www.hairpik.org and Spoonflower.

This portfolio features some of my entertainment work and showcases other projects that I feel are more indicative of who I am as a designer. My client list includes Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, MGA, Dreamworks, Isabella Fiore, Venus Williams and Nike. When I’m not designing for clients, I like to brew beer with my father (Dunbar + Daughter) and create the branding and labels for our product.

My designs are bold, bohemian, sophisticated and fun.  I love collaborating with others on original programs so please feel free to contact me for work.

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