Inspiration: David Weidman

So I’m sure by now, everyone and their mother has a copy of the book by world renowned silk screen artist, David Weidman. This book is my inspiration for taking up silk screeningI realize that blogs proclaiming their devotion to Weidman are a dime a dozen but I have the benefit of being able to trace my love for his particular style and influence back to my childhood. Hanging in my parents kitchen over chocolate cabinets next to the avocado green refrigerator, were these fantastic culinary posters that had tables of measurements, equivalents and glossaries of meat cuts, grains and various other food groups. Sadly, the eighties rolled in and the posters went out and I had to get used to bare kitchen walls. Fast forward to today and I was thrilled to find these two posters on Etsy, the calories one on the right having actually been one of the two on our kitchen walls!:

I wish I had a happy ending and could say that I managed to purchase these but alas, they were already sold. Still, I was happy to have tangible proof of the connection and the ability to shed light on my own design sensibilities!

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